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Our clients often describe to us an overwhelming feeling of freedom and relief after we have helped them.
We want to help you reclaim your financial freedom.

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Michael Drose | Tom Fryar

Our areas of practice include bankruptcy, debt settlement, and foreclosure intervention.  We focus on consumer – creditor / debtor law because we want to help people get a fresh start through the available laws.  When searching for a bankruptcy attorney, please keep in mind that the State Supreme Court has recognized only a few lawyers in the State of South Carolina as specialists in bankruptcy. Whether you are behind with your payments, or just feeling overwhelmed, you may need the help that the bankruptcy laws can provide.  We can help you use the bankruptcy laws in your favor to stop foreclosure or repossession, end or reduce your credit card debts, or even resolve your tax problems.  It is all we do, and we do it well.

When you‘ve tried everything, and still can’t pay your bills, let me give you some experienced advice.

Michael Drose
Certified Bankruptcy Specialist
South Carolina Supreme Court

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