How Do I Prepare for Filing Bankruptcy?

How Do I Prepare for Filing Bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy is a major decision that takes much thought and careful consideration. Once you make the decision to file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, consulting a bankruptcy attorney to assist you can make the process much easier.  What kinds of things do bankruptcy lawyers need from clients?  Let’s take a look so you can be better prepared by knowing some of the information you will need to provide:


Your bankruptcy attorney will ask for documents and information about your current financial situation. Examples of documents you will need to locate and provide to your bankruptcy lawyer include tax returns, bank statements, income statements, and credit card statements.

Accurate List of Debt/Assets

You will need to make an accurate list of debt and assets and provide this list to your bankruptcy lawyer.  Be sure to include everything you own and owe, including all unsecured debt, mortgages, loans, real estate, etc. Your bankruptcy attorney can provide you with further guidance in this area. You want to make sure the information you provide is accurate. Do not use educated guesses or ballpark figures when compiling your list of debts and assets.

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