I’m Overwhelmed with Debt.  How Can Filing Bankruptcy Help?

Our bankruptcy lawyer understands the burden people face when they have significant debt.  You feel like you are drowning and cannot see a way out. After spending more than three decades helping clients who are overwhelmed by debt, our bankruptcy attorney has seen it all and is extremely gratified when he can help clients realize that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our next series of articles will cover some ways that filing bankruptcy can help you relieve stress and move on to the next stage of your life. Let’s get started:

Stop the Creditors from Calling

Collection agencies can be ruthless in their attempt to recover debt.  Not only are collection agents persistent in calling, but some can be down right intimidating.  The good news is once your bankruptcy lawyer files for you, an “automatic stay” takes affect and creditors will be required to stop contacting you.

Resolve Debt

Probably one of the most attractive features of filing bankruptcy is that it does resolve your existing debt issues.  Chapter 7 discharges most unsecured debt, while Chapter 13 re-organizes your debt and allows you to be placed on a plan toward paying it off completely. Either way, you are afforded a fresh start.

Our next article will outline more ways filing bankruptcy can help ease the feeling of being overwhelmed by your outstanding debt.  If the bills are piling up and the debtors keep calling, it may be time to discuss your options with our bankruptcy lawyer. At the Drose Law Firm, bankruptcy is all we handle, and we take into consideration both the legal and emotional aspects of each case. When filing bankruptcy, Charleston residents and those in surrounding areas know who to call. We invite you to connect with our bankruptcy attorney today!