Do I Need To Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney?

One question people often have when they are facing bankruptcy is if they need to hire a bankruptcy lawyer.  Our next series of articles will address this question and offer a brief overview outlining some of the advantages of hiring a bankruptcy attorney.

A Bankruptcy Attorney Understands What You Can And Cannot Do

If filing bankruptcy was a simple process, then bankruptcy attorneys would not exist.  The truth is there are court requirements, deadlines, and legal requirements that need to be addressed.  Additionally, a qualified bankruptcy lawyer will know what debts can be included in your filing and which ones are exempt.  Filing bankruptcy without a qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney is a very time-consuming process that can result in both legal and financial consequences if not done properly.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help Determine Which Type Of Bankruptcy Is Best For You

There are two different types of bankruptcy filings to consider. Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharges qualified debt, which eliminates the need to pay back certain types of unsecured debt. Chapter 13 bankruptcy re-organizes your debt and affords you a timeframe (usually three to five years) to re-pay your debt. Every case is different. Experienced bankruptcy lawyers know how to determine which type of bankruptcy is right for each situation.

Our next article will cover more reasons why hiring a bankruptcy lawyer is a good idea.

Remember, not every attorney has experience with bankruptcy. Charleston residents have trusted the Drose Law Firm with their bankruptcy filings for more than 30 years. If you are struggling with debt and would like to know your options, our bankruptcy attorney is here for you. Give us a call to schedule your consultation today.